About Sushi Bayashi

About us

Restaurant and Collaboration

Sushi Bayashi takes the tradition and brings it to your dining experience.

Our idea is to take the matsuri bayashi, traditional festival, and incorporate it into our service here at Sushi Bayashi. Warm and hospitable, is our idea of good dining. Simple and pure, is our palate for good food. Friendly hometown service, simple dishes with traditional cooking methods and ingredients, this is what you can expect at Sushi Bayashi each and every visit.

Phil Romano in collaboration with chef Yuki Hirabayashi is inspired to bring traditional Japanese culture and taste to Trinity Groves. Chef Yuki’s vision is to bring the feel of his hometown, ASAKUSA (浅草),UENO (上野), NEGISHI (根岸), to Dallas. He’s always thinking back on the simple way of life and food that IS his home and surrounding towns. He believes people here will recognize that and enjoy the pure taste of real traditional Japanese cuisine.