About Toyko Neighborhood



Shitamachi, or "old district of Tokyo", is the hometown of Yuki Hirabayashi. This is a very typical, quiet neighborhood style of life.

During the Edo Period (1603-1868) of Japan, Tokyo was separated into two different parts, East (Shitamachi) and West (Yamanote). Although those are not the official names of the two regions of Tokyo, both are still used today.
West Tokyo developed into more of a fusion trendy spot. When most people think of Tokyo, the image of tall buildings and bright lights come to mind. This is West Tokyo. East Tokyo (Shitamachi ) took the more traditional approach, keeping buildings and culture close to what it was during the Edo period of Japan. East Tokyo is often referred to as the “old district” of Tokyo. Known for their well-maintained traditional architecture, East Tokyo has kept a lot of traditions in culture that have died out years ago in other parts of Japan.